Membership Program

A loyalty program that we created to help you and your smile

We offer in-house plans that give you savings on the same quality work. We have 3 plans to choose from that are tailored to suit you.

In addition to the savings, all members receive an ADDITIONAL savings of up to 20% on resorative work needed if paid in full the day of service

The Fine Print 

This is not dental insurance, but think of this as a loyalty program.  You prepay for one of the following options, the full amount is required the day of.  There are no discounts on this fee since they save you money! These are good for one calendar year from the date you start.  They are non-refundable since they are such a great deal for you! They are good for one person, so you can get one for each person in your family.  To receive a discount on any dental procedures (with the exception of a few items like bleach for teeth whitening and Invisalign etc) you must pay in full the day of the service provided.  This is quite a discount!  We believe that world class dental care should be accessabile and affordable!

Standard Cleanings

Standard Cleanings
2 Exams and 2 Cleanings

1 Set of Bite Wing X-Rays

$88 Savings!

Perio Maintanance 3x per year

3 Perio Maintenances

1 Set of Bite Wing X-Rays

$168 Savings!

Perio Maintenance 4x per year

4 Perio Maintenances

1 Set of Bite Wing X-Rays

$217 Savings!