Gingivitis is the most common issue for people, it is an irritation and slight inflammation in the gums caused by bacteria build up from plaque and tartar. Good daily brushing and flossing can help reduce this irritation. Gingivitis, if left undealt with, can turn into Periodontitis. This is an issue that is easily dealt with. Continue good brushing and flossing habits daily along with flouride mouth rinse (that helps to clear some bacteria and the flouride is good for your teeth), and keep regular with your professional cleanings at our office.


Gum disease is a common problem that can have major consequesces such as tooth loss. Sticky films of plaque and bacteria build up around teeth, and if left on the teeth and gums (that happens when you dont brush and floss), the gums can become infected and inflammed. Over time, that inflammation can cause the bone support of the teeth to retreat away from the inflammation and cause teeth to become loose and potentially fall out. The gums are red, puffy, swollen and inflamed. As the disease gets worse, the gums pull away from the teeth and create “pockets”. These pockets can fill up with bacteria and cause even more bone loss and recession. These pockets need to be cleaned professionally, and we can track the progress together and with regular cleanings (usually more than just 2x a year) we can reduce the inflammation and get your gums back under control!


After Scaling and Root Planing, patients move into Periodontal Therapy with the use of Periodontal Maintenance visits. These are routine visits several times a year until periodontal disease stabilizes, is managed well and/or resolves. The pockets that Periodontal Disease creates are really hard to clean, so professional cleanings can help keep those clean so your gums and immune system can help resolve the inflammation in the gums. If you follow through with your regular Periodontal Maintenance visits, things will get better, and if not, the gums, bone support and teeth can get worse.  


This is a common condition where people grind, smash and wear down their teeth over time. This can be exentuated by acid erosion. Many people can hear themselves grind, esepcially at night. This can cause extreme wear on your teeth and make your smile look older as the teeth wear down shorter and shorter. Some common symptoms include: sore jaws, jaw clicking, sensitive teeth, facial pain, trouble sleeping, marks on your tongue from your teeth in the morning, requent toothaches and cracked crowns, fillings and teeth. Sometimes a specific night guard can help solve this problem along with the daily use of flouride mouthrinse to help strengthen your teeth.


Teeth are the most dense things our bodies make. That allows us to eat delicious things! However, sometimes our teeth can be put in situations where they begin to erode. Many of the beverages and foods that we eat are acidic, and our mouths are connected to our stomach which makes extremely strong acid - if things can go down, they can also come up - and the teeth that are in contact with these acids will begin to wear down. Flouride is the only thing we can use, (besides fillings, crowns etc) to help stabilize your teeth. We strongly recommend the use of Flouride mouthrinse in addition to brushing and flossing. Flouride works like sun screen does, as long as it is applied it can help bring mineral content back to the teeth. So brush, floss, then swish and spit. Then do not eat or drink anything and let the film of flouride stay on the teeth for 15-20 min a day. Dr. Kevin likes to use his flouride mouthrinse in the am while taking his morning showers. Dr. Sam prefers to swish at night spit it out, put in his night guard and go to bed with the floudie on his teeth. Find a routine that works best for you! Watch the video below to see what happens when teeth experience dental erosion.