Patient Forms

We are a paperless office to help make things convenient for you and safer for the environment.  We use a secure digital system that keeps track of all your dental needs!  To save you time, you can fill out paperwork securely and safely online and it will be securely sent to us!  For Existing patients and New patients, you can update health history and other information by clikcing on the appropriate button below. 

Patient Information availible for download

Being green is important to us, but mostly we want this information at your fingertips when you need it!! We have attached several different sets of instructions.  Please call us with any questions!

Post Op Instructions for Extractions

Click on the button to see our post op instructions after you tooth is pulled.  These instructions will help you heal faster and will inform you about what to expect.  

New Denture of Partial Instructions

There are a few things to learn when you start out with your new partial or denture.  Please read our instructions to help keep your new partial or denture clean and comfortable

Post Root Canal Instructions

Click on the button below to read about what to expect after your root canal.  These instructions will help familiarize you with what to expect.