Welcome To Our Office!

We offer extraordinary patient care in a family friendly atmosphere at affordable prices. We are centered on a prevention based philosophy when approaching healthcare, however dental emergencies happen and we are always available and ready to rescue your smile. We have spent our whole lives dedicated to teeth, and more importantly, the smiles they create.


We have a full range of cosmetic improvements that can give you back your youthful smile. We have the techniques and the experience to help you achieve the most youthful and natural smile.


We want you to understand the importance of oral health and will work with you to achieve your goals. Together with our experience and advanced techniques we can restore your teeth and smile. We have found that education at any stage has helped our patients avoid needless expenses later.


We always use the finest quality materials, it not only helps our work to last, but it helps make sure you get the best quality work. We use local suppliers whenever possible, including local labs and local manufacterers. Both Dr. Kevin and Dr. Sam love researching the latest and best materials availible.  


At our office we offer a comprehensive dental experience.  We happily serve all families of all ages and can help in all facets of your care.  We are well equipped for all situations and all fields of Dentstiry.  We perform root canals, most extractions, periodontal therapy and periodontal procedures, dentures and partials, snore guards, work with dental implants, make affordable bleach trays to whiten your smile, and advanced cosmetic dentistry. Both Dr. Kevin and Dr. Sam believe that all dentistry should be affordable and also extremely cosmetic.  We have found there is always a way to make a tooth brighter and a smile more beautiful.  All dentistry we do is cosmetic.  

We have a wonderful team of denal hygienists, dental assistants and front office staff to help make your experience wonderful!  We even offer discounts on routine services, please call us to ask more!  Our highly trained, caring and super fun team is prepared to help you in any way we can.  We offer promt service and late hours.  There is no reason to have to miss work to visit us, we currently offer evening hours several nights a week to make things easy on you.  

We have the most advanced and researched materials and equipment.  We only use low radiation and digital X-Rays which are much more comfortable than the X-Rays you got as a child and much safer too! We are a paperless office that is secure and safe.  We perform oral cancer screenings at each exam and can use chairside cameras to help explain things.  We believe that each person should know everything about their oral health and their teeth and gums.  We use state of the art cameras to take pictures comfortably to help illustrate our points.  We go green in all possible areas as well, we do not use mercury based products for the health of the environment and will remind you over text to avoid sending paper mail.  

With us, you can update your paperwork from our secure website and receive reminders on your phone, email or a personal phone call.  You are not a number here, you are a valued patient.  Take the time to find our what a long standing and well reviewed local office can offer you!  We are all locals ourselves who pride ourselves as members of this wonderful community.  

Patient Services, to name a few, we handle all smiles of all ages all day!

Oral Cancer screens

We always make sure to screen for oral cancer at every appointment, being proactive is the best option for every patient every time.


We have lots of options for partials and dentures and work with them constantly.  We are trained to work with implant retained dentures and have so many options to fill the space where teeth used to be!

Metal Free Fillings

We only use the best materials available, and we avoid materials that can cause issues and never compromise the quality you deserve..


We use the strongest and most cosmetic and attractive crowns for all your dental needs.  Both Dr. Kevin and Dr. Sam focus on making sure everything is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Ask us about what we use and more importantly, why.  

Laser Dentistry

We have safe lasers that we routinely use to combat painful cold sores and canker sores.  The are extremely effective and very fast! They promote healing and can stop the pain almost instantly!

We care about you

This office is a family.  We have team members that have been with us for decades, and we love that!  This is a familiy dental office, and that will never change! Dr. Kevin and both his sons, Dr. Sam and Ben are in the office with no plans on every going anywhere else!  We love our patients and build relationships with each one, it helps make our job rewarding and extremely enjoyable!

Low Radiation X-Rays

Our office has been using high tech low radiation digital xrays for almost 10 years.  They are much more comfortable than the old ones you remember!  They are instant and we can look at the X-Rays together on our computer suite in each room.  Even though these X-Rays are consdierably less radiation and much safer than the older style X-Rays, we still take all the precautions you deserve to stay safe and healthy. 

We want you to be comfortable

Our office is designed for your comfort!  We have Nitrous Oxide, or commonly known as laughing gas, free of charge at our office!  It is a very safe and relaxing addition to your visit.  Our safe, clean and welcoming environment has had its doors open for almost 40 years, and will continue to do so with the same enthusiasm as always.  With our secure digital systems we can track what works best for you, and we will always tailor each visit around your needs!


We are a Preferred Invisaling provider, which means we do more Invisalign than most offices.  We have the experience of many cases to help create the pefect smile for you!  Invisalign is just like braces, however without all the hassle.  It moves teeth comfortably with a series of retainers rather than bulky, hard to clean, and uncomforable traditional metal braces.  This is a more esthetic, more comfortable, easy to clean and removable option.  

We offer Invisalign at an extremely affordable rate, with ability to make custom payment plans.  With Invisalign we can actually see what your smile will look like before we start treatment, which shows us our outcome!  This way we can know whether this is an appropriate treatment for your smile and we can all see exactly how your smile will improve! It is easy and effective.  Come in today to ask about how it works and see models we have in our office.  

To learn more about the company and why we use it, please click below!

Snore Guards for Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is the silent killer, as we sleep, our airways can become clogged and that will starve our bodies and brains from the precious oxygen we need to live.  Are you feeling tired in the mornings? Is someone complaining that you are snoring?  In our office we do a lot of oral appliances that can help with both of these situations effectively and affordably.  Dr. Kevin uses an appliance nightly, and trust us, it helps with the snoring so much we never let him leave on a trip without it!  These oral appliances are extremely effective, and we offer several different models to fit your needs.  Ask about it today!  For more information on one of our devies called Silent Nite, click the button below for a flyer. 

What a snore guard can do

As we lay back during sleep, the tongue and soft palate can fall backwards and close the airway.  The snore guard pushes the jaw forward to help keep the airway open all night long.  If you are trained in CPR and BLS, you know that in order to give air you need to push the jaw forward - the snore guard does the same thing comfortably all night long.  We have several different types of snore guards to custom fit each patient.  

Click here to watch a video about this

Without a snore guard

You can see the different between the images, without a snore guard (pictured above), the soft palate and tongue can fall back and close the airway.  This potentially fatal disorder can be easily remedied.  We reccomend everyone to get a sleep study if the stiuation is dire, but a oral appliance is extremely successful for most patients.  When the airway closes, as your body forces you to breathe with deep and loud breaths, the soft palate and the tongue can flap around causing that uncomfortable snoring sound.  Ask today if this is right for you!

Click here to watch a video about sleep apnea

Implant Restorations

Dr. King was one of the first dentists to explore the use of implants over 20 years ago, and he and his staff have vast experience when working with many types of implant brands and styles and have also had many successful implant cases to restore both function and smiles to many patients.

State of the Art

Dr. Kevin is working with Dr. Kenji Higuchi, who is internationally renown as an educator and leading oral surgeon on many challenging cases to create new alternative treatments for patients. Lately they have been working on the "All on 3" technique which has potential to become a world standard in care. Dr. Sam helped with several of the surgeries, working with Dr. Higuchi to film the process for Oral Surgeons to use world wide! We use implants and Locators to tighten and stabilize existing partials and dentures. Locators and Implants can allow unsightly partial clasps to be removed for your smile to look better! We are always happy to discuss options with you, in a no pressure, common sense way to explain your options to make your life better and more comfortable.


We have worked with implants ranging from simple one-tooth implants to whole arches of teeth, which is an alternative to dentures. We are capable, and have worked with many different kinds of implants and we are committed to continuing our education to bring you the best and most up-to-date techniques available.  We have a lot of options, and we can help make this process more affordable and comfortable.  


We have over 20+ years of experience restoring implants. Dr. King has ben working with implants since they were incorporated into general dentistry, and has been witness to all the changes in the implant field. We have seen all the improvements over the years and have come to understand what makes a long lasting implant successful. Whether it be repairing an existing one or making one to perfectly fit your smile, we are always prepared with our decades of experience.